November 28, 2021

Best Solution to Recover Data From Corrupt Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

MS Excel is a popular spreadsheet application tool, which is introduced by Microsoft for creating electronic spreadsheet documents. This spreadsheet program is a part of Microsoft Office, and it is commonly used for storing, organizing and managing data. MS Excel program is primarily designed to store a workbook in an electronic form. We can create professional spreadsheets and charts by using Microsoft Excel program.

We can prepare other documents like tax statement, balance sheet, bank statement, sales and purchase statement, etc. and also we can calculate our income and expenses by using MS Excel. It is also very popular for dashboard reporting in the market. Therefore, MS Excel has become an essential part of all businesses and organizations. It is not only used in businesses or organizations, but also in education sectors and for home purposes. In schools and institutes it is used for keeping records of their students and staff. It stores all the data and information in a file, which is called XLS file. But in updated versions like 2007 and 2010 it saves the file in .xlsx file extension.

On one hand MS Excel offers some advanced features. On the other hand, it may create some serious problems like file corruption. This problem becomes a big dilemma if we do not take a positive action against this corruption. There are several factors which are highly responsible for spreadsheet corruption. Such as:

Virus infection and bugs attack on spreadsheets and its application;
Improper system shutdown due to sudden power outage;
Abruptly or unexpected cancellation of files and application;
Hard drive contains bad sector or unwanted crash in hard drive;
Software malfunctions or collision with each other, etc.

Due to all these reasons, our files become corrupted and we receive errors while opening them. There are various errors which may take place at the time of file corruption, such as: “Excel cannot open the file abc.xlsx because the file format or file extension is not valid” or “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened”.

When such errors take place in excel spreadsheets, they become inaccessible or unable to be opened. All the data and information stored in the files get corrupted or damaged. Under this circumstance, we have only two options: repair corrupt file by using “Open and repair” function of MS Excel and recover data from corrupt files by using third-party recovery tool.

Open and Repair: We can use this function to repair our corrupt files. First, we need to open MS Excel application on our system. Click on Office button. Now click on Open from the list. A small window will pop up on our screen. We need to select the corrupt file from the system directory. Now click on the arrow of Open button. A list will be shown, click on Open and Repair. The corrupt file will be repaired and opened on MS Excel. Or we may also try to import our data from corrupt XLSX file to a new file. This solution can be very helpful.

Thirty-party recovery tool: If we fail to fix this corruption by using above solution, then we must consider a third-party recovery tool. Though third-party file recovery tools do not repair corrupt files, but they are highly able to recover maximum data from corrupt files. MS Excel recovery is highly advanced solution that effectively recovers each and every file object from corrupt spreadsheets of Microsoft Excel. It can successfully resolve all the errors from corrupt Xlsx files and make them error free. Usually third-party tools are reliable and case effective, but we must their try demo version. Demo version is available at no cost for free examining, so we must use it before buying any third-party tool.

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