January 27, 2022

PDF Converter Helps Accountants With Excel Analysis

One of the biggest advantages of a PDF converter is the ability to let accountants analyze spreadsheets attained from PDF files. This ability is very valuable and can save thousands of labor hours per year for a business. Let’s see why this is such a good tool to utilize.

You are able to take tabular data, including numerical data, that is stuck within an editable PDF and convert it into an Excel spreadsheet. This makes it easy to use the vast tools that your Excel program offers to perform any type of analysis you want to do without re-copying data yourself. Another great benefit is giving accountants the ability to retain all format, graphs, and pictures that were in the PDF. This makes for a clean and fast conversion, interpretation, and creation back into a PDF without any format issues.

Managing different financial statements and documents can be very time consuming. A good PDF extraction product will solve this problem. One of the most interesting abilities of quality converter is to perform something called OCR conversions. OCR stands for optical character recognition. This is a very nice tool that gives a business the ability to take a scanned piece of paper and put it into an editable MS office document. The ability to have this many options of transferring and editing important financial statement, memos, and other highly used documents is valuable.

Some more features that are included in this type of software are PDF to Autocad, PDF to Publisher, and XPS conversions. These are all very nice for companies to use in order to make workers lives easier and more importantly, more productive and efficient. They make more money because now spread sheet analyzers and creators can get more done in less time. Let’s look at an example that illustrates how effective a PDF solution is.

You are a staff accountant at a small firm and need to create your quarter 2 statements. Additionally, you have auditors down your neck trying to get a bunch of different documents from you. The entire day is spent on going through numbers and inputting data into your software and printing off documents. Then your auditor wants some information but their Windows software is not compatible with yours. There is no room for errors and must be edited a little bit and then sent. You can just convert your excel spreadsheet numbers into a PDF file and send it to them. It will keep any format, graphs, and formats that you have. Now they have the information instantly and with no errors.

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