January 27, 2022

The Best Way to Recover an Excel Password

Learning to recover Excel passwords is a very important skill, as more and more people choose to protect their workbooks and sheets with passwords. Microsoft Excel is a very powerful spreadsheet, used by many people in different institutions, such as academic and business institutions. The information that is included in many spreadsheets around offices need to be protected from unlawful access, as well as unlawful modification. For these purposes, passwords are set on spreadsheet workbooks to make them more secure and to protect the integrity of the information.

Unfortunately, once the Excel password gets lost, there is no other way for it to be recovered without the use of third party programs. If the original author of the spreadsheet is contactable, he could remove the password after accessing the spreadsheet from his account. Another way to recover the password is to use his account in his absentia. For example, if a manager had a login as manager, which he used for all his documents including excel spreadsheets, logging in as manager after the previous manager has left, may make the spreadsheet accessible from that account. The password might then be changed that way.

This method shows how to recover the password of an Excel spreadsheet by using the credentials of a user who created the spreadsheet. The principle is to access the spreadsheet as an administrator and then change the password to something new. This password can then be given to the person who needs to access the spreadsheet. Another method, not recommended, is to totally remove the password and leave the spreadsheet unprotected. This way, anyone can then access it.

The procedure is quite straightforward: You navigate to the worksheet properties dealing with things like encryption and document protection. The navigation is different depending on different versions of excel, but you locate options, passwords and then remove or modify the password. To remove the password, hit on the asterisk and press the delete button. To change the password, overtype the highlighted asterisk with the new password. The new password is then given, together with the spreadsheet to the authorized user.

By far, the most common way of recovering lost excel password is by means of third-party software programs. They operate on the same principles. The spreadsheet or workbook is processed by the program. The program then applies algorithms and schemas to the password field of the spreadsheet until it reads the password. Once it has read the entire password, it then displays it on the provided box. All the user has to do then, is simply to type in the password and open the spreadsheet. There are several such programs for sale over the internet. Although officially they are not recommended by Microsoft, they seem to do the job of password recovery rather well.

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