October 22, 2021

AdWords Tracking With Google Cash Detective

The fastest way to bring your website selling a product to a targeted audience is to advertise through the Google AdWords program. Having said this, what Google or any body for that matter does not tell is the fundamentals of the advertising industry like, what is AdWords tracking?, Are there any AdWords tools to accomplish this?, what do you mean by conversion tracking?, are there any ad words secrets? Etc.

This article will strive to make it clear and show how this can be done effectively by the beginners as well as pros.

AdWords tracking is a method of keeping a record of the conversions and clicks for your advertisements that result in a sale of your product.

If your goal is to have folks click and purchase, AdWords tracking records that. Similarly with internet site signups, page perspectives or lead generation too. When and if the visitor to your site purchases your product, a cookie is attached to your Internet page and Google AdWords tracking is enabled and records a conversion for you. This suggests that a good program can accurately record conversion rates and visitor activity down to the very keyword that you are using on your Google AdWords advertising campaign.

Once you have the data, you can be ready to make the tweaks to your campaign as required to increase your click-through rates and ultimately increase your sales.

Although this sounds simple, it is very manual and tedious job to track the clicks and conversions using a spreadsheet. There are software programs out there that do the job clean and efficient. But the question is to find one that has a good track record and produces results.

I am now going to reveal one such tool that does this very accurately and even comes up with the keywords that will bring in the desired results. Not only that, this tool even does the AdWords tracking completely on auto pilot. The program is known as Google Cash Detective.

What is Google Cash Detective?

This is a software produced by Chris Carpenter after years of research and programming. The internet marketing world enthusiastically awaited launch of Google Cash Detective when it was first released on the 4th of June 2007, with credit cards in their hands.

Google Cash Detective is the new PPC monitoring software that guarantees to help push your website and products in front of the masses. The tool has undergone dramatic changes since then and has acquired amazing AdWords tracking and intuitive management of your advertising budget.

The videos put out by Chris Carpenter needs to be watched that demonstrates Google Cash Detective in action. You will be nothing short of impressed and will be dying to buy this product. It shows how Google Cash Detective can help you identify an advertising campaign and end up with a solid profit of $200 each day on your campaigns.

The one thing about this program is that you don’t have to have any active campaigns to start off. You find the market you would like to work in or a product you wish to promote and add any keyword you can think about into this software and it will tell you how long each ad is running in Google for that keyword. This may help you work out the CTR (click through rate) even before you start advertising yourself.

The software provides you with a keyword that is profitable along with a successful ad someone else has developed and earns money from. All you have to do is to simply imitate the ad and make slight changes to your ad copy. This tool will improve how we do web marketing and will help us all make more profitable AdWords campaigns making your competitors itching for the AdWords secrets.

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